Here is a detailed list of Nena's life:

1982: Nena Kerner, Rolf Brendel, Jürgen Dehmel, Carlo Karges and Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen founded the band "Nena".
On 17.8.1982 Nena presents the first single "Just a dream" in the ARD broadcast "music shop". The next day, more than 40,000 singles sold.
Nena NDW turns the feature film "Give 'gas I want to have fun."

1983: The second single "99 Luftballons" is released and climbs to No. 1 in German charts to 23 weeks long and keeps receives platinum.
The first album "Nena" is published in countless countries and achieved gold and platinum awards.
With "lighthouse" Nena linked seamlessly with the recent successes.
Nena is headlining the Levis-Tour.
End of the year will "question mark" the first song of Nena's new album.

1984: Release of the album "question mark".
"99 Luftballons climbs" everywhere on the top spots in the charts: the beginning of March were 600 000 plates sold in the U.S..
MTV took "99 Luftballons" in the "heavy rotation".
In the Billboard charts the hit climbed to number two in the Cashbox charts at number first No. 1 rankings in Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Canada and Australia.
In England scored the English version of "99 red balloons" No. 1 on the charts.
Worldwide, the "International Album" will be released with English and German songs.
In Germany, the single "Save Me" and Nena their European tour starts 1984th
release of his single "Let me be your pirate".
End of the year appears the song "Somehow, Somewhere, Sometime," can be placed on the number 3 on the German charts.

1985: The single "on fire" reached the top 10
The album "on fire" is published in German and in English. The English version is called "It's all in the game".
Start the Nena Tour 1985, Nena also leads to Japan.
The singles "House of the Three Suns" and "young as you are released.

1986: "You do not know the love is decoupled from the" fire and flame "album.
The first single from the new album will be released: "Moon Song"
The album "Eisbrecher" appears. Nena eponymous fan club is founded.
Nena is the feature film "The Invisible" in front of the camera.

1987: Release of the single "Angel of the Night"
The band "Nena" separates itself.
Nena is pregnant.

1988: Nena's son, Christopher Daniel is born. He is hampered to the world.

1989: Nena's son dies
In October, reports back Nena: "gescheh'n miracle" is the song with which they conquered the Top 20.
The eponymous album "Miracles gescheh'n" becomes a sales success.
Nena is pregnant again.

1990: The singles "You are everywhere" and "The Big Love" appear.
Nena published her first children's album featuring classic children's songs:
"Come, dear May '

1991: A "Best of" album with the title "Nena, be the Band" and a remix version of "Let me be your pirate" will be released as a single.

1992: Publication of the new single, "Sometimes a day is a whole life."
The album "Bongo Girl" appears, is another single from the "Conversation decoupled".

1993: launch of Bongo Girl Tour 1993: After more than eight years, it is Nena live again.
Release of the single "Without End"
End of the year the single "Far too much happiness."

1994: publishes The New Single "Get me is back."
From the new album "And it's all about" is used as another single, "I'll hold you firmly published.
Nena moderated in the ARD television magazine "Metro".
Nena is pregnant again.

1995: Release of the live album "News Live", the song "White Ship" will be released as a single.
Nena's son Samuel is born.
The second album of children's shows: "Our Cider House"

1996: Nena sings the songs for the ZDF animated series "The Bamboo Bear Band.
Release of another "Best Of" Album
Nena is pregnant.

1997: The single on Giant's asshole is published: "Just leave ...."
The album "Jamma nich" climbs to No. 29th
Nenas son Simeon is born.
The second single, "All what you want is published. Nena is in the fall after more than four years on tour.
For Christmas, the third children's album "Nena's Christmas journey"

1998: Nena hosted along with Axel Bulthaupt the preliminary show of the "Grand Prix 1998" and presented their new single "What have you done in my dream."
In summer, the album "If everything is correct, then what does not" and more than 400,000 concertgoers Nena experience live as special guest at the PUR tour.
The Best Of - album "Only a dream - your greatest successes will appear.
It placed itself in Germany at # 23 in Austria climbs even the CD at # 16
John Forté covert with Nena "99 Luftballons", while here no less distinguished as Wyclef Jean responsibility as a producer.
Nena lends the female lead in the animated movie "The Magic Sword" her singing voice.

1999: The fourth children's album "Nena makes Rabatz appears.
Nena is on tour, playing to sold out houses.
Nena synchronized for the Warner Bros. cartoon to "Tobias Totz and his Lion" the role of the lioness "Lea" and controls the title song "I Embrace the whole world with."

2000: Nena is working on new song ideas and go back on tour in the summer.
Nena synchronized another cartoon "The Abrafaxe - Under
black flag "for which she wrote the title song.
Nena also prepares children remains a major project.
End of the year they will be as Local Hero alongside international stars such as Chrissie Hynde, Coolio and Howard Jones, before 800,000 spectators, the Nokia Night of the Proms tour celebrated.

2001: Nena takes part in the event initiated by Udo Lindenberg
"Rock gegen Rechts" inter alia with the sons of Mannheim.
During the recording of her new album "Chokmah" she visits the children of Mannheim and will now be produced by Florian Sitzmann.
On 27 September 2001 is the movie "Abrafaxe" in the cinemas going on with the title song "Let the lines."
Before the album release Nena's Club on tour in Germany.

2002: The Germany-wide tour for Nena is in preparation and the
Kick off in February.

20 years - Nena feat. Nena

NENA has just been nominated, the most successful artist Rock / Pop National "for the Echo 2003rd Their current platinum album, NENA feat. NENA is' for months in the top 10
A recent album with congenial to their personal favorite songs, with the NENA thrilled generations new and old fans. The beautiful video clips, 99 Luftballons "and" rotating beacon "on VIVA and MTV.
On 24 February seems to happen her new single, miracle '. On the occasion of the Charity Gala for the first German RED NOSE DAY they shall work together with Sasha, Udo Lindenberg, Joachim Witt, Ben and Jasmin Tabatabai their big new hit on. The single was produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. The entire net proceeds to various charities good, caring for children and young people. All parties waive fees and royalties. On 14 March 2003 at 20.15. Clock present on Pro 7, NENA & FRIENDS 'the RED NOSE DAY 2003 anthem for the first time live in, crazy comedy fundraising gala'.

End of March 2003 Nena comes after pressure from their fans. With many surprise guests are NENA five more concerts in Germany:

28.03. MUNICH Olympiahalle
29.03. Chemnitz Arena
30.03. BERLIN Velodrome
01.04. Stuttgart Schleyer Halle
02.04. Hamburg Color Line Arena

, 20 years NENA - how it all began '.
Anyone over 30 will remember: In August 1982, a young, pretty wild girl in a red leather mini swept across the stage by Mike Leckebusch's legendary music shop. The song that was so different than anything previously belonged, was
"Only a dream" and went on the day immediately after the broadcast 40,000 times on the counter.

1983 was the second single "99 Luftballons", the NENA and her band (Carlo Karges, guitar, Jürgen Dehmel, bass; Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, keyboard, Rolf Brendel, drums), the international breakthrough came with No. 1 rankings in the USA, Japan and almost all other countries in the world. The song stayed 23 weeks at number one in the charts and gave the same year appearing debut album "Nena" close to world gold and platinum status.

Subsequent albums like "question mark" and provided with English and German texts album "International Album" found tearing paragraph. NENA became the most popular star, not only in Germany but also in America. Even her fashion style has been copied countless times and even in Paris a few models with headband and mullet hairdo were on the catwalk. She toured in Europe first, then the world to Japan. Wherever she went, she was enthusiastically applauded, and their songs have been sung by every audience enthusiastically, even in Japan.

In 1987, the members of the band decided NENA separate ways to go. The singer then pulled a little back from the limelight and devoted themselves to their private lives. In October 1989 she announced gescheh'n as a solo artist with the album "Miracles back" and the album became a commercial success. In parallel, NENA produced her first children's album "Come, dear May," which was published in 1990.
The versatility of the artist was always obvious, so they established after only a few months and as a successful artist was celebrated in both genres. All subsequently published phonograms, in any area, are proving to be a bestseller and open up their ever-growing audience.
NENA 2001 founded, together with their manager Alex Grob Company ZWERKWERK ENTERTAINMENT GmbH A company that designed their ideas and visions in the children's area and implements.

The company ZWERKWERK ENTERTAINMENT GmbH to all ideas and activities that have not primarily to do with the pop singer NENA pool, and serves as a platform for NENA's many other projects and visions. "I have so many ideas in my head that I can implement in this way much better," NENA justified the step to entrepreneur. These albums include the children as well as one in November 2002, start saving multimedia entertainment project for children. The book "Madous trip to the thousand stars," the prelude to a series of projects around the figure Madou. The stories are based on classic children's themes such as friendship, conflict, adventure and fear, set in exciting stories. The ZWERKWERK ENTERTAINMENT GmbH is a company that covers the entire spectrum of the kids and youth entertainment area. Perfect for an artist such as NENA, which now is on parents and children alike. This is reflected in numerous live concerts: The fans of those days today, bringing with the new, very young fans. It will be interesting to other projects.

2001 will succeed with the echo-nominated album "Chokmah" a brilliant comeback - NENA is back in the Kitchen and the fans are now with their own children in the concerts. NENA could for many the epitome of the question, "Where's the time gone? be. If one faces the now four times the mother, is a relative term.

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